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Packaging Films from PSG Group Ltd. place our fragile earth first.  Our experiences in the industry ensures that all of our internal PET waste is chopped, and contained in hermetically sealed containers for collection and eventual recycling into RPET based products.  We are working with many other raw material suppliers who not only ensure we receive these R-PET based materials for re-entry into the market, but also wood based cellulose materials and corn based PLA based plastics for use within the food industry.  All other materials converted by Packaging Films from PSG Group Ltd. are stringently checked against our BRC & ISO accreditation’s to ensure only premium and reliable sources of raw materials are used, which conform to our companies ultimate priority of our small planet we all live on. 

Packaging Films from PSG Group Ltd. have developed trading agreements with almost all the world's manufacturers of PET films.  We have short listed the suppliers that we feel care as much as we do for our fragile planet, and we have taken a business decision to not enter any supplier agreements with any raw material suppliers who do not share our environmental policy & priorities.

Packaging Films from PSG Group Ltd. are striving to become carbon neutral, from strict heating and lighting internal procedures to transportation and machine energy requirements, Packaging Films from PSG Group Ltd. constantly monitor to ensure we meet the strictest of environmental policies.

Even the food waste from our canteen, and aluminium and PET drinks containers are recycled.  All paper that our ever delayed paperless office create is recycled, as well as wood, other thermoformable plastics and even batteries and light-bulbs!


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