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From the inception of our Company as a supplier of Plastic Shims and Gaskets more than 30 years ago, to 1981 when Polyester Converters Ltd. began trading, PSG Group Ltd. has developed an international reputation as a flexible and qualitative source for thermoplastic sheet and polyester film.

PSG Group Ltd is the holding company of our two subsidiaries, Plastic Shims and Gaskets Co. Ltd. and Polyester Converters Ltd. In collaboration with GSM Holdings Ltd., PSG Group Ltd. has grown to one of Europe’s largest stockists of Polyester film. Our stocking facilities comprise of 40,000 square feet of warehouse space, and over 1500 tonnes of polyester based materials. Our premises are centrally located in South East London.

Packaging Films from PSG Group Ltd. specialises in supplying high quality and competitively priced packaging films for almost any customer specified requirement. With over 20,000 kg of film currently being converted daily (with capabilities of ~40,000 kg per day), our slitting, sheeting, guillotining, core cutting, die cutting, kiss cutting, strip gluing, stocking and distribution facilities are configured to meet the most rigorous customer requirements. Our capabilities are continually updated in order to meet changing industry demands, allowing for a one stop service for many of our customers. We strive toward the future. As an independent supplier of PET materials as well as trade conversion of any customer specified material converted to any format


Packaging Films from PSG Group Ltd. are able to source quality films on a global scale also if required. Our experience in the industry ensures that only premium and reliable sources of raw materials are used, which conform to the standards of ISO 9001:2008, as well other BRC and Cleanroom accreditation’s (BS EN ISO 14644 : 1999 Class 8). Packaging Films from PSG Group Ltd. have developed trading agreements with almost all the world's manufacturers of PET films. We have also eliminated for our customers all of the inconveniences of; minimum order quantities, overseas shipping and clearance problems by many of the manufacturers, and we are able to supply master rolls, converted stock or even your free issue stock from our warehouse within 24 hours of notice.




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